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Über uns
Atelier Jaar_Team 2.jpg

Atelier Jaar

Analog vs. digital Bright Collaboration

Dynamic Experimental Functional Graphic Handicraft Interdisciplinary 

Joker Know how Light Modeling 

Network Originality Pantone Quality Reflection St. Moritz Transformation Universal Visual Workshop Xtra Ynot Zurich

We are Jaar, a young studio for interior architecture, design and creation.

Atelier Jaar brings open and creative minds together. We like to go beyond the boundaries of our own discipline. International exchange and collaboration between multiple disciplines is a driving force behind our work. It provides cultural insights, broadens the imagination and opens perspectives for new ideas and projects.



Atelier Jaar_Anna Jornot 2.jpg


As fresh as a daisy Blåbær Colombia 

Dance dance dance Eucalyptus Fuego 

Globetrotter Hakuna Matata Inspiration 

Just do it Kindness Lisboa Music 

Negroni Ornament Piano Quidditch 

Red sunset Snowflake Thai curry Umami 

Vinyl Winterthur Xoxo Yummy Zorro

Atelier Jaar_Raphaela Asprion 2.jpg


Alfa Bird's eye view Curiosity Dusk and dawn Engadin Fragola Gin Harvest colors International Just Dance 

Kaleidoscope Library Milan Nifty 

Ongoing Pasta Quip Round the world 

St. Moritz Tidy Unlimited View 

Wintertime Xtra Yes Zürich

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